World of Tanks || XVM Guide and QuickyBaby Modpack

World of Tanks || XVM Guide and QuickyBaby Modpack

NOTE: This DOES NOT WORK for WoT 8.8+

Click here for version 8.8:

Learn all about how to install XVM and get your World of Tanks to look like mine!

QuickyBaby 8.7 Pack:


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  1. mansdeman

    The Dokan site doesnt work no more..

  2. Mihailo Miladinovic

    what can i use instead of dokan???

  3. googleisshit

    DDoS! :O 1:56

  4. JagGillarPojkar1987

    How can I make my modz look like your modz

  5. deathrooster14

    Doesn't matter, I already know my xvm says my stats are black…

  6. Gama Isora

    I can't even watch your video over the shit you got poping up on it. Real cleaver how you put the exit on your pop up right over your sub my channel pop up.

  7. LijeXD


  8. Joobis Crust

    I copy and pasted it into my 8.10 red mods but nothing happened

  9. Joobis Crust

    How do I install If dokan library isn't supported on my pv

  10. Throat Yogurt

    I still don't understand the significance of win rate. Unless you get a massive carry with 8-10 kills or something, winning or losing hardly has any relevance to your individual performance in the battle. It's way more helpful for you to look at kills/deaths and damage done/taken.

  11. James Winning

    just downloaded xvm 5.0.1 test 3, there aren't any file folders in the zip file at all, what do I do with these?

  12. XxXBlizzardXxX

    I did this u don't need dolkan

  13. Abdulaziz MNI

    QB can you tell us how to configure the new XVM version? The method in this video doesn't work, I can't find that file to load and edit..

  14. FsimulatorX

    lol my winrate is 47% but my WN7 is around 1500-1900. If you think 45% is bad then set a goal to make that 45% go up.

  15. Bald Zeus

    WoT was fun til I downloaded XVM.. that fucking stat/percentage showing thing ruined my whole gaming experience.. Didn't really keep track about my wins and everything and I thought I were decent but when XVM came.. NOPE.. 45% winrate and my self confidence crashes down into some endless pit.. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I wasn't the only one having XVM so many games now I get flame for having a low winrate and it affects my gameplay.. Ruined my WoT experience..

  16. Mick S

    Any chance you can do one of these in English because I don't understand anything you are saying. It is OK for you technocrats, but to us that used slate and chalk at school this is like a foreign language

  17. CopernicusIV

    You DO NOT need Dokan anymore. But, it does work for Windows 8. I was using it just fine.

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