This is probably the single most frequent request I get. Well, here it is. The first verse is handled by Suicide VI (formerly known as Shizzy who you will have heard on previous tracks of mine). For my verse, I tried to work in as many placenames from WoW as possible. I don’t even know how many there are…

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Words: VI Seconds & Dan Bull
Music: Raisi K (
Video: Nick J Henderson (


  1. garrett thurman

    just the way you guys worked zones and stuff into the song the way you did 10/10 amazing

  2. Alex De Deth

    what is the background music called?

  3. Adam Clobes

    I was not expecting a Triple Town reference. Anywhere.

  4. Philip Danzinger

    "Ask Mike Tyson what Type of fuel you put in a car"

  5. Payne


  6. somedude ingame

    dan make a song about the new world of warcraft exspansion

  7. BigT YouTube

    Anywhere I can Find The Instrumental

  8. Jake Coyne

    You guys really need to give it another go for legion+battle for azeroth. This is probably my favorite track you've made, dan

  9. Blandine R.

    Peter Hollens vocal instrumental ?

  10. Timo Schäfer

    wow that´s fucking amazing. where can I get the Beat?

  11. Hordz


  12. BeefBich

    dam flow r1 , beat r1, gg yal drop mo pls

  13. Geoda de Wizard

    All you do is flex, while yo pet does the works
    Sittin there and spamming arcane shot, yeah thats real skill
    You think you are tanky but I eat you, get merked
    The difference between good and bad hunters? the difference is nill.

    Play a class that takes skill, not one that mashes the board
    I would go harder on you but I have respect for the horde.
    You die by my dots, deter can't defend shit
    Try to defend yourself and you'll get lit
    by every single class calling huntards idiotic

  14. SirFluffles

    anybody got a link to the instrumental for this song?