1. TaiTaz Reverie

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. Lorenzo

    (I'm not english and I translated whith Google Translate) To speak, I have necessarily to go into a division? And if I create a division on my own, can I talk to players outside of my division or speak alone? Thank you 🙂


    Thanks! Any way to get game audio in speakers and voice on headset? I could do this on TeamSpeak, but I do not see a separate setting for game audio output…

  4. tibchy144

    my white microphone is constantly appearing and disappearing

  5. mob180 Gaming

    please do gameplay on voice chat

  6. Awang Zheri R.

    after last update we cant use this voice chat T-T

  7. Carey VincentX

    its nice to be a team with voice chat!

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