WOT – 15 KILLS | World of Tanks

WOT - 15 KILLS | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks.


  1. zachthepizzaguy

    Yoy should do this kind of video more often, not many YouTubers do multi perspective video , it could be your signature thing !

  2. Lava71

    Nick "szwagier" means it is a Polish team. Nice play.

  3. NO55LO

    the game fucing suck

  4. Chris Wells

    That’s exactly how our clan teaches focus fire 2 guns is better than 3 and so on focus the fire the more guns u take out the better off you are sometimes ya take the eyes out or sometimes the biggest guns all depends on the situation

  5. Artur Mizerski

    It's Szwagier, God damn it! Not swagger, Szwagier lol. It's bro-in-law in Polish you lemon 😀

  6. Donus Danus

    Napon no 15 kill

  7. Ruhrpott Adler

    A god Game with a verry dirty wrong statistik

  8. NoisyPl@net

    I have ring your bell, I mean the notification bell am fucking addicted to your videos .

  9. tschegge nüt

    they played like assholes…went to the heavytank corner leaving medium side open for enemies to clean up their teammates from behind…then after their team is whiped they come and farm the enemies and are lucky enough that the enemies are bad and it s only possible because they re in the 3-5-7 mm(which shouldnt be in the game) and are the 3 top tiers. Hate players like them…btw me EU player with 3.3k WN8 and 63% WR recent

  10. zizi li

    说实话,这水平在中国服务器里活不出来!To tell the truth, this level cannot live in a Chinese server!

  11. Kayleen Curnow

    can u do a kv 2 game THAT U PLAY NOT A REPLAY FROM OTHER PLAYERS and subscribe to HarrisonDelmenico

  12. MrDeepzek

    What would this be without 2 key

  13. Riley Ridgway

    I predict an AMX 50 100 player will send a video to you about some drama between a platoon of Centurion 7/1s and an FV4202. One Centurion 7/1 will insist he told the other 7/1 not to shoot the teammates. He was truthful.