WoT: 8.11 ModPack [UPDATED 14-Feb-2014]

WoT: 8.11 ModPack [UPDATED 14-Feb-2014]

UPDATED 14-Feb-2014
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Instructions on how to install my mod pack for World of Tanks version 0.8.11

[Update] – Now includes carousel mod

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8.11 ModPack [Multiple Sights]:

Gnomfather’s Gun Sounds:


  1. Kaotic Kat

    f**k 8.11 cause when i install mods it crashes and closes on its own 8.10 isnt like that

  2. Zeric Eee

    I see I'm your videos there is a back round for the aim for the digee sight. But In this video it doesn't show and it doesn't show in my game either. It's really hard to aim just using the dot when not zoomed in.

  3. Julien HILD

    Is there a chance to get that amaizing modpack without the Carousel mod ?

    Thanks in advance and many thanks

  4. Pulsfire Harambe

    ho i can delet this modpack

  5. elkk147

    is this mod for xbox edition?

  6. Rick Ruitenbeek

    Good job man! But did you install the gnomefathers historical gun mod as a seperate mod or is it included?

  7. Bill Pope

    Thanks for showing the comparison of the different packs.  That's really helpful in making a choice.

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