WoT / ALPINE TIGER – Battle Beards / Xbox One X

We try out the shiny silver Alpine Tiger on World of Tanks Console. Tank loaned by WG.
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Most videos contain adult language and themes.

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  1. Trent Grant

    How do you get wot i got the world of tanks war stories and cant find the normal game please comment i need help

  2. osp80

    the liberte uses captain america shields for wheels.

  3. Toast

    do i need xbox live gold membership to play this game?

  4. Joseph Peterson

    Pewter Pussycat

  5. David Hatswell

    The Chairman Meow?

  6. Dan the Man

    Anbang gang tiger

  7. doxville

    Why not call it the Zippo, because its design reminds me of some pretty nice Zippo® lighters.

  8. John Frei

    Can’t believe your team was losing that bad and you met ZERO enemies in the town.

  9. Frank Kudos

    You put the fun back in fun and stuff

  10. kameron cormier

    what is your xbox name?