1. Dornpunzel

    No matter what time i clicked in this video, the word i heard was "asshole". Impressive language skills.

  2. Uvufoy Osas

    watching this back i will use the physics, just pushed him against a rock or a wall of those house near him and if you keep pushing the a hole he will leaned not flipped

  3. lisa peters

    there needs to be people playing the game with the power to boot a player out of the game. pass the facts on up the chain and WOT take action. like 30 day bans etc.

  4. Hayseed1776

    shoot them..

  5. Michael Rumore

    I think you should make "I AM a ASSHOLE" T-shirt!!!!!

  6. jeffrey mcfadden

    my ignore list is FULL of assholes who revealed my position.
    aprox. 200 of them

  7. Alex

    I was in my T30 on Kurelia assult defending and theres this wicked TD spot in a rock shaped a like "C" that looks at the standard flag area to the north, had a T54 try to push me out(lol) I just reversed back and pushed him up the rock and flipped onto his side then tried to shoot on his side so a pushed his into the corner with barrel pointed at the rock…problem solved

  8. one ovi

    fuck this kind of idiots! i get banned for shooting one idiot like this

  9. Alpha Scorpii

    I heard it should be possible to shoot HE close to the scumbag tank so that you dont shoot him, but he takes HE dmg from the blow. That might help. Is it correct?

  10. Joseph Bercot

    joe bercot to shoot them

  11. Joseph Bercot

    be aloud to shoot to them

  12. Kenoscope

    Companies should band together and ban for life these kinds of players, either by credit card or ISP. Back in the day of Planetside 1 (until they opened the Chinesium border) there would be Dev's wandering the maps looking for funny things, hacker and assholes. I am proof of that, I ran into one (literately) who was invisible. I was in my little Lightning, he politely asked I not do that, so I asked "Can I do this?" and shot him. He chased me across the map calling down orbital strikes until he finally vaporized me, the told me that he was laughing the entire time still he was there. Yeah, having a DEV on-line 24-7 is expensive, but what the hell do half of them have to do anyway?

  13. Kali Starchaser

    I vote for IP searching their location and beating their computer to bits then tazing them in the nuts.

  14. dallatorretdu

    he makes up for a very good rear armor

  15. Panzer Totenkopf

    6 month suspension of account and or fine 5000 gold 3 strike system permanent ban

  16. Minnesnowtan

    There is already a Battle Buddy (not butty) award, so if someone does not get that award after 100 games it should be a red flag. And if there is a complaint against someone with several battle Buddy awards, that indicates character and should weigh heavily for his viewpoint.

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