WoT: Banana Stug III G W/ Silentstalker!

Silentstalker’s For the Record blog:

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  1. RoisinT2

    ..the banana is stug in where..??! and III:rd time already !?

  2. mh waso

    why you are not using any mods?
    great game by the way

  3. pete pal

    Rita minion!

  4. Brett1824

    Been watching a lot of your videos tonight Rita. Very impressive indeed. Fabulous tanker with a better personality.

  5. Mrsirr

    Ha tank crewman was speechless 😮

  6. marc us

    why all gamer chicks are buttugly?

  7. Pe6oy

    SS sounds like the driver from FakeTaxi O.o

  8. Randal C

    Hello from Canada Rita. I have a question for you. I love your head phones and would love to know who makes them and are they available in Canada. Love your channel

  9. InfernalDalek

    Brilliant play. I need to learn something from those evasive maneuvers. 

  10. Local Booga

    You just noobing around for no reason.

  11. Sebastjan Vitez

    Nice match i can say!! GJ/GG

  12. WOT TheBo4n

    Great game Rita 🙂 …..)))))SKILLS((((((

  13. Adrian Kennedy

    Fancy telling her you lost your banana so quick – she was depending on you and then she had to finish without you lol

  14. PANKI_7

    Pls War Gaming remove AutoAim for all tanks and tank destroyes except artilleries!  If you support this thumb up tis comment

  15. Random GUY

    Do you wanna platoon sometime? My world of tanks name is: Tjelvar100

  16. Conor Walsh

    I've researched the stug
    After buying the kv1 and type t 34 I need to save for it 🙁

    This makes it totally worth the wait especially cause I am getting the elc too

  17. Ivan Divić

    u can only ammorack a tank with stalin's cannons Rita btw nice vid

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