WoT / BATTLE BEARDS – IS-4 / Xbox One X

Lam & Ben take out the IS-4 & Object 268, with a cheeky bit of Waffle & Deathstar action too on World of Tanks Console.
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    IS4 looks WAY more sexy than IS7

  2. Exity 114

    Hey, I just subscribed to your channel, and it's cool. This version is like the 360 version. And a question for the people in the comments, who else still plays it?

  3. ARandomGuy XBOX

    Once upgraded the Sturer Emil is brilliant.

  4. The Legendary Sandwich

    IS-4 is a great sidescraper. Not as good as a Maus 😉 Also Wt auf E100 is suuuuuupeer balanced.

  5. Roman Naumenko

    Dudes. Definitely smash the Skoda line. Tier 6 is a huge highlight. Once you suffer/free xp through the TVP VTU, it gets insanely good. Not sure if you have your British heavies, but definitely worth grabbing, especially if the Super Conq is brought on console. Probs worthwhile to hold on to your Conqueror in case they just add the new heavy as a 3rd option and not a replacement for FV215B

  6. Keagan Vang

    Is that IS-4 max?

  7. mudbud

    Anyone know the penn on a t-34-3? Considering getting it.


    Hey ben tell lam to grind the french tds because they are fun with the guns and troll like armor at tier 7 8 9 and 10

  9. Im Dat Duck

    How can people use the hesh shell on the deathstar? I tried using it, but it was very difficult to pen people, even from the sides.
    The AP on the other hand works great AND saves me 8x more money when compared to hesh…