1. DysphoricSmile

    E-25 is the most fun tank in the game tier for tier! And I have IIRC a bit over 50% camo rating while sitting still without using a camo net! Just have camo paint + camo skill + BiA + Vents – with a net it is basically just pointless! Well, I just don't use net because I move too much in E-25 for it to be worthwhile – I have tried it.

  2. Brian Shepherd

    hellcat is still awesome and NO T67 has lived after meeting my M4 with the deep gun..one shot..one kill

  3. sonnymv

    i love my 67, its a really good tank..your video's are good too!

  4. Harap Alb

    Claus is right. I'm a noob and i manage to get 9 kills with this tank..

  5. First Last


  6. Harry Thompson

    good vid
    Awesome work Claus

  7. jeffrey mcfadden

    the T67 has problems,
    1. slow turret
    2 NO ARMOR
    3 view range,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they nerfed it by 20 meters several patches ago.
    now for the part that makes people cry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i have almost 24k games in T67.
    i play for fun, thats all, have no clue what my win8 is, dont care.
    but i do follow my w/r, it is 76%
    platoon t67s is fun.
    stat padding? do you have any idea what it is like dealing with complete idiots at this tier.
    remember, there are as many idots on your team as theirs.
    game after game after game we have to carry these idiots. with no appreciation either.
    btw, i HAD over 15k games in SU5.
    if you never played SU5 prior to patch 7.0, you have no idea what op is!
    after 3 big arty nerfs, low and mid tier arty is worthless, and no fun.
    not played SU5 since 8.6.
    gtg now, need to club some seals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mcfadden314

  8. FOertel

    IS-3 wasnt OP at any time… o.O

    And jeah. no, there are plenty of Tanks on T5 that Oneshot the T67… 😀

  9. TheTigger38

    Tier 1 through 5, I consider those tiers SITTING DUCKS!! lolol

  10. ddaayyzz

    I hated playing the T5 Ru SU-85 because it was so fast and I'm impatient. I rush out and shoot something and get surrounded while my teammates all went a different direction or camped and laughed at me for trying to advance. I played it relentlessly to get the FATHERLAND freebie and it paid off. (delete delete)
    Now a T8 proud owner of a golden premo Ruskie 😀 all thanks to that T5 SU-85
    I did however like the T4 SU-85s because it drives like the old willys JEEP, so I'm keeping that one ;D

  11. Scott Poet

    I miss the hellcat 🙁

  12. roemer schoenmakers

    KV-1 T67 matilda LeFH KV2202 or something like that

  13. Wiebe Hof

    love my t67, will allways keep that thing its so much fun. Also overpowered is t14 when top tier. Got 2 pools medals with that thing. But when your in tier 6 not so much

  14. Mave242

    this tank is OP?…srysly?
    NO..it isnt. that small TD is fine. but not OP. 9 kills arent standard for that tank. not even with good players in it.
    yes u can switch a lost match into a victory, but that counts for nearly every tank.
    that t67 got a very good camo. thats right. and many noob players dont have a good crew at all, means they will spot that t67 much later or never. thats a bonus. yes…

    but i wont call that TD a OP tank.

  15. MiG359NTF

    45 shells is not that bad at tier 5. Comet is worse because it have 61 shells at tier 7 with about 35% more alpha than T67, and most tanks at tier 7 is about double the HP pool of tier 5.

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