WoT Blitz || FV215b 183 – 6200+ DMG || Against all odds

So it appears that you guys seem to enjoy 183 videos quite a lot, so I’ve got another one for you!
Tell me what you want to see in the comments! 🙂

World Of Tanks: Blitz is a free to play mobile version of the hugely popular PC game World Of Tanks. I really enjoy it and I highly recommend it.

Contact me on the EU Blitz Forum at – My IGN is Bunchie16.

If you want to check your statistics I highly recommend both:




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  1. pejfkfjfjdgfk xkdlgkf

    What app you recording

  2. ali aladwani

    The secret is behind the kind of mouse youre using it gives you the full strength thats it

  3. •Владимир_ Даргуновский•

    lol That E100 got up and down flip flop and rekt He didn't even know what hit him he just got destroyed
    and WT was like: oh shit I'm fudged I'm fudged then you came out ANF KABOOM….
    … Gg bro you made my ..

  4. Umut Gergerli

    the last shot was totally pro. straight he to the engine.

  5. shellshocked7

    what a nice battle, I have never seen the 183 hit its targets that well before. The quality of your video was amazing, its the best I have seen.


    To see if bunchie reads this he will pin this

  7. RDgamerHD NICS

    what country is that tank?

  8. Mr. Smith X

    Good job man I just subbed

  9. Thilo

    that ping :0, soo low