WoT Blitz | gun sound mod | World of Tanks PC gun sounds comparison

WoT Blitz | gun sound mod | World of Tanks PC gun sounds comparison

In this video I show you the difference of the original Blitz gun sound to the modded sound (WoT PC 9.16 version).

So put on your headphones and turn up the volume to hear the gun sounds of these Blitz tanks (I recommend a good sound system and not to use the poor quality of a mobile device speaker):
Tier 1: Leichttraktor
Tier 2: T2 Light
Tier 4: Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D
Tier 5: T-34
Tier 6: MT-25
Tier 7: Comet and Tiger I
Tier 8: T-44 and Tiger II
Tier 9: E75 and T30
Tier 10: FV215b 183, Leopard 1 and E100

A special thanks to Maddoxkkm for providing this outstanding mod. I used his Version 4.1_3.4 of the WoT PC 9.16 version in this video. The latest version you will find here on his mod page:

Home Page


  1. MCSM TV

    Blitz: >150mm guns sound is very rusty and is almost break
    PC: >150mm sound are consider death to every tanks…


    The sounds still have a variety when it comes to millimeters right? I mean they're not all the same sounds at all, right?

  3. Dian Herdianti parent

    E100 sounds sick

  4. Black Nightmare

    I love it

  5. Black Nightmare

    200th like!!

  6. shemshamer

    Vanilla sounds are better. Mod sounds are same for all tanks

  7. SgtAwesome97

    imo the stock sound for most tanks sound better. I hate the stock WoT gun sounds, they sound like little poofs of air


    Just install blitz modder from Google play

  9. Eric SOM DUTT

    The moded gunsounds sound like some nigga fapping in tub full of water

  10. Mr. Noname

    I cant install in ios 11 pls help

  11. Jakub Rudnicki

    Is this mode just for PC or is it for handy too?

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