1. Robert Surratt

    The BT-7 is a awesome sniper with the 37mm as it cannot be used to scout
    too well. instead you play 2nd line and advance once victory is
    possible. the 45mm makes you a more of a aggressive tanker instead of a
    more support based.

  2. 공대생의 일상

    한국분들 때육이A가시는 분들 bt -7절때로 탱깅 안되는 탱크입니다 저 영상처럼 앞에나가면서도 몸숨겨서 저격해야됩니다 도탄이 전혀 안되는 탱크라 2대맞고 죽는경우도 허다.

  3. Srajo PL

    simano polaku

  4. Dimov Momchil
  5. Caeures

    Bravo! Nice play.
    What's the song ?
    And mod you installed ?

  6. 나나나너너너


  7. Marcin ryj

    BT – 7 ma slaby promien skretu i to mnie w nim troche draznilo.

  8. staramuha

    +Vladymir Putin 
     To Miecz Damoklesa.

  9. Vladymir Putin

    Co to za celownik ? Szukam i szukam a go nie ma :/

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