1. karim csnz


  2. Fan Puszka

    Zapraszam na ts3 darmowego strefa vipa dla team/klanów/gildie

  3. HellFire

    Ah wish I could get back into the CW I miss it, but alas I suck too bad to participate.

  4. Kevin Williams

    I do not understand how you managed to not loose at the hill. It was game over I was thinking.

  5. Jinisinsane

    what map mod is that? its quite good.

  6. Adam Chmielewski

    "No, not against OMNI" Loved it 🙂

  7. Nik J Keenan

    fantastic FC'ing!

  8. Kevin Pierce


  9. 1pchs

    bad video… wtf omg? shit

  10. Codrin Preda

    GG Stronk tactics m8 8)

  11. Phoenix357

    red_b is joke,acctualy whole red_s communit is big joke

  12. Bluish

    Good video genghiswolves, I like watching your videos

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