WOT – Claus Picks ARL 44 | World of Tanks

WOT - Claus Picks ARL 44 | World of Tanks

World of Tanks. Claus picks ARL 44 French tier 6 heavy tank & shows gameplay. Support Channel here:


  1. David Murphy

    up and coming antifa lol

  2. David Murphy

    Claus, more biggest asshole vids pls….;)

  3. Mike Cimerian

    I solved this … I disabled encounter.

  4. onlymeMort3012

    The guy got given a gift horse lol

  5. AlphaBrolofsky

    Luchs is pronounced like "looks" like look at dem fat titties

  6. ClaudioRock Giorgio

    SU 100 idiot pay atention kill him..heee GG jajajajajjaaj GG jajaaja

  7. stevo728822

    I've been playing the SU100 with the big 122mm gun. It has a long reload of about 20 seconds and it fires HE rounds which can do little damage through the front of heavily armoured heavies. So I can understand why the SU100 didn't wait for a reload on the city corner. And then again on the other city corner he could have been tracked. Don't know about the ARL, but with its low profile the SU100 can face hug the KV2 and Oho without getting shot.


    Building facehug.Legendary!!!

  9. Kyle Massey

    6:37 you say hes tracked and i hear the sound but the screen shows a knocked out radio and intact tracks.

  10. Kieran Payne

    su-elc gameplay at its finest

  11. DazBull26

    Much lack of Pierre in video about French tank, for to be dissapointed.

  12. Hobowan Kenobi

    Nice game for ARL. Others….not so much. Claus sounds frustrated. Hobo just sent fun, wild and uplifting game (I hope). For to watch and be revived!

  13. Molon Labe

    If you for to uninstall WOT, your IQ goes up 20 points.

  14. M Nohcho

    that SU as a BOT

  15. bnar234

    wtf with enemy team…..!!!!!!!! no i got headache !

  16. King AK

    Yes, I used the arl for about 20 battles and got 2 high calibers but I used the 105mm

  17. Achtung panzer!

    Nice when you find a whole bunch of useless stupid's like that!

  18. 82McKinley

    I for to wonder if I could be proud of that game…

  19. Zaros392

    Sometimes i wonder about humanity, why didn't that SU-100 stay in front of him take the hit then kill him the first time and then why did he drive by him the second time and go in a big ass circle only to get tracked, all he had to do is typical russian stuff, drive up to ARL point gun at, take hit if needed then blow ARL up, I got headache as big as Claus's from this game.

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