1. Joshua Wagoner

    T25 AT is the tank I use. I want the T95. Any tips?

  2. un13

    The new Hellcat feels so anemic compared to the T67. Can't turn, can't traverse, can't reverse, can't accelerate, misses fully aimed shots all the time. Might as well be in an SU-100 for actually reliable damage.

  3. mioieiingura

    Cats are awesome!

  4. Steven Penney

    Love, love, love Hellcat! 3 marked it in about 80 games. Premium consumables though….. Costs me a fortune lol

  5. terraspent

    great show, i did buy back the hellcat recently for a few month, had fun but that reverse speed rolls eyes, i so much prefer the jackson nowadays

  6. Inertia Gaming

    I always loved my Hellcat because it was super fun and effective if you play it right. A lot of times I could play it in a supportive almost medium type role and it worked because of the speed and the gun, but the turret traverse would kill you. In a sniping role, with camo nets/camo/good crew you can sit in a bush and snipe pretty well on hills etc. T/25 a different story altogether.

  7. 101S

    Almost had 2 marks on my console Hellcat. Arty often has to be told to move and sometimes they actually will. I think they get tunnel vision from aiming, they're kind of in their own world. I think if Claus ever loses a bet he should have to play as arty:D

  8. M Gunderm

    Thanks Claus. I enjoy playing the Hellcat. Even with the nerf's.

  9. Tom

    Claus, the Charioteer is mobile and has a TD gun 🙂 You should try that tank sometime.

  10. Klax

    very nice, pls more! 🙂 try to not laugh! 🙂 goo.gl/bEWs2n no spam

  11. Hobowan Kenobi

    Great game. Great commentary.

  12. Zaros392

    The Hell Cat in its current form is alright, it needs you to position well and be very aware of your surroundings, otherwise you die really fast and do no damage at all, its a harder TD to make work, but if you know what your doing, still not so bad.

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