1. Agame.uk

    so funny

  2. Starved Dog Barking

    The Waffe is a pleasure to play, and this tank's only saving grace.

  3. host3h

    Claus is right about the VK. Great gun, terrible everything else.

    Good job to jedi for making it work! So many people get discouraged and drown themselves when they appear to be losing. Games like this are why you should never give up.

  4. Hobowan Kenobi

    Epic game, fabulous commentary!

    Hope Claus still have more jedi commentary mind tricks in the bag for when Claus pick Hobo the homeless jedi replay. One day, one day….Claus will show hobo some replay love.

  5. Joe Raymond

    is epic game, but this is not the tank I'm looking for

  6. prairiedog1974

    We don't need to see his identification. This isn't the bot we're looking for.

  7. Joe Shawley

    vk power

  8. jesper bøgh


  9. jesper bøgh

    Dirty Tricks . . . oh Jedi ThinkTank-Mind-Force-Ability – guess ok then 😉

  10. dave bennett

    I like my VK30.01. Got 2 MoEs on it. I also like Potatoes.

  11. mightyxxwhitey

    Wtf with the comm. lol

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