WoT Console – SCUMBAG TDS – Battle Beards #71 (Xbox One/PS4)

World of Tanks Xbox One Gameplay in the Deathstar and the Waffle E-100. Yes the tanks are OP as hell, no we don’t care. Enjoy!
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  1. The Beard Guys

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  2. Austin Ward

    Your friend in the death star is fucking terrible

  3. EatDatShopLifter445

    The most impatient TD's ive ever seen

  4. EatDatShopLifter445

    Why are you driving a house

  5. xxBlackyxx12590

    i dont need To look this Video, only curse of this noob Toy tanks: dislike

  6. James Stewart

    so scumbag haha wow

  7. Chris Plays

    what rounds are both of you using

  8. 77 777
  9. Devon Last

    Wht tank is it

  10. osp80

    trying spamming HE from the 150.

  11. Josef Stalin

    "suprise cockbag, *does 1995 damage with one shot "

  12. Josef Stalin

    i know that he now knows that the 128 is the better gun overall but i was still ranting about during the video

  13. Moros666420

    yeah for sure, you need to be using the 12.8cm on the waffle. it is however, LOADS of fun shooting HE with that gun

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