WoT Console – TYPE 59 MAKING CASH (Xbox/PS4)

WoT Console - TYPE 59 MAKING CASH (Xbox/PS4)

Ben makes some serious silver in his Type 59, tier 8 premium Chinese Medium Tank, arguably the best tier 8 prem tank in the game, on World of Tanks Xbox One.

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  1. CC MOGS

    Good monermaker but thats it…………gun is atrocious :[

  2. Keenan Green

    Hype 59 did not live up to it's standards from PC, Considering it's a clan reward tank on PC it's so good on there compared to console is weird sorry Ben XD

  3. Evan Turgeon

    Can I still buy this?

  4. TheBigBoss

    Hi ben, is it worth to buy this type 59 tank? because tomorrow there will be a type 59 on sale for a limited time until December 1.

  5. scorpio84PL

    Could u tell me what are yours favorite premium tanks?

  6. Cyber Swiper

    Will they release it again for console?

  7. The King's Servant

    Anyone reading this who doesn't have a Type 59, get it when it comes up for sale!! It is shocking how good this tank is and it's the only pre tank I've ever bought that was worth every penny. You will be shocked at the shots is will bounce and how strong this tank is. If it was just a little bit faster then it would be perfect!

    No I don't work for WOT, just a player who knows the difference between a crappy tank and a awesome kick azz tank!! This one is well worth the money, get it when you can.

  8. KiLL_mE_wiTH_A_smiLe 123

    7:28 u should have rammed him

  9. dboy2387

    hehe you didn't actually need to use any APCR. could have switched to HE once you ran out of normal and finished off that sliver of health french heavy, then it was just arty and borsig left.

  10. Laxlife 22

    I love this tank!

  11. Laxlife 22

    As always a good video! I've starting posting World of Tanks vids as well. If anyone wants to grind a tank let me know!

  12. Rich Pirañha

    how do I join a clan on wir Console?

  13. Federico Di Liberto

    I get CDC for free and I also finish the OPs and I get 1k gold I'm so happy 😀

  14. mightyxxwhitey

    The type 59 is the tank to play now. Don't see em much and ppl forget how to kill them. I keep a lot of apcr for motherlands.

  15. Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    you didnt need to fire any apcr at all, even HE could have killed that heavy at the end since he had 14 hp

  16. alex0lok

    Tiger I only gets the top turret with the top gun (long 88), because package…
    so it is easy to distinguish whether a Tiger is fully upgraded.

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