WOT: How I play….DW2 – Probably the worst tank in WOT

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I have been somewhat remiss in not working through the German medium line leading to the Panther and E50. But to do so means working through the dog that is the DW2, the tier 4 German heavy.

OK so I could free expense my way but I am a little stubborn and so I decided i’d try out the horror tank and grind my way through.

And you know what – it is a horrible tank – big and slow so a great target for arty; pathetic armour for a heavy tank; but i found if you fit the short 75mm gun and fire HE all the time it can be OK….. no actually its still bad but not utterly hopeless!

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  1. Ze Khong

    why don't u use 5 cm gun , It has 130 pen on premium rounds.

  2. Helgi Jacobsen

    its realy bad tank its heavy and not have power full cannon at all its so slow its faster to just walk to battle

  3. __Leaf__

    Grinding through this tank was quite an experience on its own.. It certainly wasn't as bad as you experienced but all in all. Once I got ace in it this is one of those tanks I have no desire to play it again…. Wasn't sooo bad but certainly nothing impressive especially because of the MM it gets… That was the most challenging thing about this tank…

  4. King Smithers

    I don't know about WoT but on WoT Blitz DW2 is outstanding! Check it out

  5. G.W Ghost

    Oh i am going to brag this replay of mine asF boiiiiii!
    Now, with only 10 APCR, incredible RNG and almost no sniper vision needed (cause tank´s garbage at long distance battles) you simply can´t make this up. Just try to top my highscore of 6 kills in a D.W 2 in a standard mission, if you can that is!

  6. Arko Roychowdhuri

    dude you are using the worst gun…
    dw2 is the best tier 4 tank…

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