1. DoctorSax

    You are the funniest, and dare I say it, most insightful WoT YouTuber out there. And I mean that in every dimension.

  2. Justin Abbott

    hey Claus. so if I play 4 dimensionally and adjust…..um…."myself" during game play, does this mean I'm playing in 5d? lol

  3. John Smith

    I am the player who gets his fist caught in the hole in the coconut and cant let go…I think I'm a minus 1D player.

  4. Omni

    It was O-I on the tracks, not O-Ho. And it wasnt the same VK guy in the end who was behind the rock in the beginning…

  5. Lupul Alb

    Situational awareness … Aaaaaaand LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING MAP !

  6. Schützstaffel Wiking

    Must be a good player, his turret is high. I only go in the middle of this map when the turret of my tank is low.

  7. Marc Fisher

    I was going to say something deep about the dimensional theory but then in the comments I say the 'Muffin Man' and it got me! My dimensions were zeroed!

    Thank you Claus for your rants and insights.

  8. Jure Kastelic

    lol :)))))))))) great commentary

  9. Serge Whatever

    And Claus lives in the Twilight Zone, lol.  😉

  10. gstube1

    WOT, when it's good, can be like a good game of chess, which is why I continue to play.I guesse that's why there's stupids, to help us appreciate the good games and not take them for granted. Praise be the stupids in their little 2D world!

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