1. Mark Arson

    Zoom out mod gives him a big advantage , should be banned from game. Claus speaks the truth .  Keep it up buddy !  As always for the rest of you, like, comment and share . Be part of the future of this great channel.

  2. Custos Secretus

    Always played this game vanilla, didn't even have the radio/visual range or turret facing direction mod. Having seen the mods you can get it certainly gives players an advantage over anyone without mods.

  3. toby G

    I m with the vanilla idea and play that way.

  4. Procrastinator7

    I think the limited zoom out is a flaw in the game. The mod corrects this flaw.

  5. Mou Jakub

    Almost all old mods are now in the game by default. I play since 2011. The red silhouette of the enemy tank was the biggest cheat back in the days.

  6. John Macdonald

    if the zoom out didnt help he wouldnt use it!

  7. luvr381

    It's amazing, I just googled WoT cheat mods and 80% of the sites were in spanish or portugeuse, most of the rest russian.

  8. TheHelleri

    Mods themselves aren't the issue. It's how Wargaming handles mods that's the issue. They let this beast roam free as if this were a single player game. They need to have some reigns on it. Wargaming should vet and curate mods for it's games. Distributing them under a proprietary file format. Which would insure that people can only use mods that have been approved and that everyone has equal access, opportunity, and awareness regarding those mods.

  9. Master Chief 00117

    My friend had those Mods. He could not load his game for a week. I told him the uninstall the mods. He was being banned for having them. He refused to believe me. Till Serb told him. You're files contain cheat mods forbidden in the game.

    And if it's banned in Tournaments Why is it in the game?

  10. lobster licker

    Late again but only 6 months. Spot on again Claus, BAN all mods, ALL FUCKING MODS, QBs MOD all mods ban them. What part of ban all mods don't WG get???

  11. Sebastian Olejarski

    Skończ pierdolić te głupoty, czity, srity i inne piedoły, ogarnij się.
    50% graczy używa nielegalnych modów a WG i tak nic z tym nie zrobi, bo na kasie im tylko zależy.
    Nie bądź "biggest asshole"

  12. Ethan Ellis

    I think legal mods like this is fine if u put in the work for it u should get it

  13. Kelly Kretchek

    I never have run mods and get accused of cheating all the time. Handle in WOT is kretch.

  14. the7group

    if u ain't hacking u ain't trying

  15. Sami Lindgren

    When the game started, I needed a colorblind mod because I can't see the red outline of enemy tanks against green background.

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