WoT: Panther II – Review

WoT: Panther II - Review

The Panther II is a good step up from the below avg Panther!

Computer Stats:

Intel i5-4670k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
8GB Ram
nVidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB
Hybrid Drive

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Wot Mods used: Zero


  1. phil langron

    utter shite tank

  2. Itz Romic

    Do panther review

  3. Rachid Khamlichi

    Should of tracked that vk bro but luckily enough he was too dumb to turn his armour around – nice video thumbed it up

  4. Richard Lushai

    you played way too conservatively and wasted time at critical points.

  5. Evan McMaine

    You make every tank sound like shit

  6. Suryia

    6K away from Panther II. Totally hate the Panther. Good Vid. Thanks

  7. Borghesi tanck

    big shit server , cost repair astronomic , full hackers , armored warfare is true game this is shit

  8. Roy Algelli

    This tank is worth buying just based on how great it looks

  9. paul holland

    Why would you not run vert stabs? It's better than a gun laying drive in every way.

  10. Seattle Forge

    Aren't all the T8 medium tanks mostly the same? I've had them all and they're more samey than any other tier/type.

  11. Su-100 is better than jagdpanther

    i dont like panther. the gun is to small.

  12. Adam Lawrence

    Panther II a good tank until you're forced in to a fight with the overpowered russian T10 mediums.

  13. Magnus Hjaltested

    you're like quickeybaby and the mighty jingles and only have 12k subs wow at least 1M subs……

  14. dubhead spartan

    Why wouldnt you cliff dive the 13 75?? That would have been funny, so what you lose your tank lol

  15. Tromon Marqepps

    I love the Panther I but i agree the VKM is the real one.

  16. aronno khan

    22:28 he died for spalss dmg not for ramming you

  17. S41elite

    Yes, we talk about habitat and things like that, cuz they are god damn animals!!! 
    Really, I think it's correct because they are named as animals. I liked it!

  18. hanz cruz

    Do you play the blitz?

  19. Infamous

    in xbox edition the panther 2 and the panther get an 840 HP engine it makes it very mobile

  20. Sassy Saddles

    i played over 150 game with this tank and i dont have premium account this thing is running my credits dry i dont think i can reach e50 should i sell this tank go for another german line? btw i think this is average tank

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