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World of Tanks. Please Fix The Match Maker & Centurion AX Gameplay. Tier 8 Match Making is Broken.

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  1. Robert Cassel

    I recently played 100 games in my teir 8 T34 . 19 times i was top teir with 8,7, and 6's . 4 times was top teir with all 8's .27 times was teir 8 and tier 9.s .50 times i was bottom tier with 9 and 10's

  2. C - Man

    IF u guys are really pissed go on on the forums and keep making forums and complaining.If enough of us complain they will have to revert back to the 9.17mm that made the game more varied.

  3. S Dew

    if the MM sucks and is really heavy in favor of the enemy, i leave the battle, cause the chance i make a profit is very slim!.
    the thing that drives me up the wall is the fact, that wot changed arty, so heavy tanks arent bombarded with shell after shell, so what does this do in reality, arty only 99% of the time aims at light tanks cause they want the 1 shot kill, they dont aim for the most dangerous tank on enemy team,,, nope, they try to 1 shot kill the light tanks….its horrible!!.

  4. Chris Go

    Here is the solution guys, check it out. Stop playing random pub battles.

  5. spookytkid

    MM is designed for bigger server count. i am curious if they have responded to this.

  6. Mirage

    idk about pref-mm tanks, but MM for non-pref tanks is working fine, even with tier 8 tanks. Working off of memory is not reliable, if you write down how many top/mid/bottom tier games you play it should work out just right. 25% top tier, 30% mid tier, 45% bottom tier for non-pref MM. This gives an averages tier opponent of the same tier as the tank you're playing, which is what is expected.

    The % of top tier games is not the problem, the problems are due to imbalance of tank type distribution (only 1 team having a top tier heavy), imbalance due to good player distribution(1 team having all the good players), and imbalanced maps.

  7. James Clair

    I totally agree, MM is AFU. I stopped playing last November. Just restarted in September to burn up the gold left in the account to purchase premium time. I was spending about $50 a month on the game but they'll never get another penny from me. I'm mostly playing my tier 5, 6 and 7, non-premium tanks, forget tier 8. Even with these limitations I'm still bottom tier most of the time. Hell, complete random chance match making should put me top tier 33% of the time – doesn't happen, not even close. The children they have working on the match maker aren't nearly as competent as the others. a.k.a. MaddPeanut

  8. geep geep

    Yea your right you would think like I been saying for years they could see the simplest fix is the best fix. Holy Smokes just match up the same type of tanks on opposite sides for the most even game play. I kept getting this reply from Wargaming to my tickets about the above fix to mm – mm is working as intended and that it would take away dynamic gameplay lol there famous lines . So fair mm does not equal dynamic game play . Dam wargamings reasoning hurts my brain.

  9. geep geep

    Been upset over a comment you made about player Winrate but I'm over it . Thx for once again pushing for positive change and pointing out the lack of brains in the wot brain trust.

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