WoT PS4 – TIGER 2 – FULLY UPGRADED – Road to Tier Ten

I finally have the Tiger 2 fully upgraded! Two decent games with commentary on World of Tanks Console.
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  1. Nathaniel Jaurigue

    guys wot for ps 4 is free..

  2. Gamechangerz -

    They added the tiger 2 as premiums as “king tiger (Germany)” and “King Tiger(US)

  3. Gavin Serdeña

    Wot => kids
    War t => kids but epic

    p.s I know I'm a kid BTW =D XD

  4. Layton Flint


  5. The Average Gatsby

    This is my favourite tank in WOT

  6. Heinrich Von Kekelnazi

    My experience with the Tiger tanks was a bit backwards. I was godly in the Tiger I, but I struggle in the Tiger II.

  7. Samuel Perks

    I have played the tiger 2 and had trouble first of but after some time I figured out It's qwirks and had lots of good games

  8. Vincent The Keeper

    Ha ha did you just ask if you can get through the side of a T29s turret with over 200 pen.? All day every day son!

  9. Ed Tailor

    how tha actual fuck did he get over 9000 ep

  10. Jack Bailey

    How do I record my battles on PS4? What happens with me is sometimes it will record part of my battle and sometimes it will record all of it. What do I do?

  11. Robert Allen

    just always aim centre mass is you have side shots, the almost guaranteed damage is better than maybe a fire, especially of the enemy is quick/carrying premium extinguisher

  12. James Blogs44

    Keep it up

  13. hella chill iguana

    Ben love your content keep uploading!!

  14. Sneeuwhaas

    I loved the Tiger I and Tiger II and i adored the E75 and hate the E-100. The stock grind on the E-100 is really hatefull.. (My first T10 line)

  15. I'm here to troll

    Stop at the E 75 trust me it's the best one

  16. I'm here to troll

    Please notice this comment, do not go for E100 I have it I dislike it very much it's not good everyone knows it's weak points and heavies can pen it's cheeks you don't have to listen to me but I'm tryna help you out also it's got bad accuracy

  17. ping ping

    beard porn?