1. Steve Ross

    To the new guys: I DIDN'T like Claus' videos when I first watched one. I thought "Who's this loud-mouth asshole? Why isn't he giving the whole in depth commentary like the other WOT channels?" But watched FOUR of Claus' videos and then SUBSCRIBED! Now Claus videos are freaking great and brightens my day. Who needs the in depth shit when you get great entertainment? Claus, since you asked, this video was chocolate right up to the last shot then it was freaking MARMITE! Still enjoyed it though.

  2. Marius Buragas

    only a fucking psychos refers to themselves in third person…

  3. World of AMEISO

    Cretans? people from Crete, or perhaps you mean Cretins? Or perhaps you don't know what you mean.

  4. LTTringlas-Minecraft ir daugiau.:P

    Chocolate :PPP

  5. hedges tank

    why never upgarde rhm borsig waffenträger speed

  6. Aphelion Imprint HQ

    Fucking. Hot. Chocolate. Buddy. WENG'ER!

  7. maria hernandez

    awesome match, great form! oh and Claus, Maria will dump your ass if you give her chocolate, Maria wants ammo!

  8. Chris Brewer

    fuck arty and e5s, they deserved their fate. perfect ending

  9. TommyTheNightmareSmith

    game is totaly ruined by artillery, ffs I saw more top gun medals artillery players have then medium tank players, yeah very balanced by belarus bullshit standards.

  10. Da Cat

    i played arty today …70% of my FULL aimed shots on STATIONARY targets missed = rigged shit game

  11. bellim issar

    whoaaaa 🙂

  12. chiefsmokembrown

    love my spgs

  13. lafingas555

    Watched you for the first time, just wish you didn't swear.

  14. Greg Dent

    Arty is BS and they should have never put it in this game at all.

  15. ankit tiwari

    I am imagining the laugh of that Arty player …he must be having too much chocolate and he got luck

  16. KOS762

    well….considering my roommate spit Chocolate milk all over the room, from laughing at this video…I'd have to say a Chocolate moment.

  17. Jimmy Parker

    Claus is awesome…so many lols

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