1. Kirito Kun

    sal ce tun ai ?

  2. Đạt SD


  3. Lovro Conjar

    aee you hacker

  4. Janos Lucacs

    That Russian accuracy thou…

  5. Matthew Caughey

    This is how a consumate pro plays a TD stays hidden and inflicts damage from afar

  6. Outdoor person

    this is why this is the most OP tier 4 TD in the game

  7. Mike Hunt

    Absolutly amazing he got the 15 kills. That light scout did everything to get him killed.1 hid on the hill the whole match and never scouted(dont play a scout if you dont want to scout). 2 The scout goes straight to the only one on his team killing other tanks, then hide behind behind instead of scouting? I give this td much respect for not tk'ing that scout!!!!!!! I would have popped that light then killed the rest.

  8. Milan Jovicic

    well battle was great but no battle resoluts…

  9. Никита JokeR

    Хахаха (играли то Русские!!)

  10. Never Let It Go

    with stock gun most kills I got was about 7

  11. Kostas Karadimos

    Such kill secure,much pro XD


    gg bro do more and gg

  13. Rr Rr

    krisa eblan !!!

  14. jocreeperjo

    How many xp did you get?

  15. George Wu

    How to do it i have SU85B but i cant do this mabye i can haha

  16. halflifelai

    it's a serendipity. Enemies are stupid

  17. chefkoch1978

    2800 battles in su85b…..statspadder not more!

  18. Karl-Heinz Meinecke

    Very good fight! Super

  19. moustachebear

    Post that video on best replays of the week to win 5000 gold you are à very good player

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