WoT: Su85b – Review!

The monster Soviet TD from Tier IV is finally reviewed!

Computer Stats:

Intel i5-4670k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
8GB Ram
nVidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB
Hybrid Drive

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Wot Mods used: Zero



    I love su 85 b on this and blitz

  2. Tom Hirons

    just got it, im an ok player thx for review, should have some fun

  3. Ideas52

    AT-1 was amazing

  4. Crispy Cream

    This thing is so hard to use but now that I have watched this I hope I can do better

  5. Abdullah Khan

    at1 is awesomeeeeeeee

  6. Brady Halmstad

    If you use explosive rounds it kills a lot of tanks in one shot kill

  7. Brian Van Buskirk

    My team sucked out/questionable playing experience of my teammates/I am the damage dealer everyone else is for spotting/not be complete nimrods/Your more like a 2dLt than a Captain since your all about yourself. I know you realize that the questionable teammates/Nimrods/etc.. are doing all the spotting for you to take your shots and get your high scores and medals. I enjoyed the review and the advice on using this tank but give the rest of the players a break, they may be doing all they can and you said right in your review that you enjoyed showing lower tear tanks to HELP new players to do better. So instead of acting like a NUGGET, act like the Skipper and teach them without all the Glory Hunting.

  8. V1cT

    HE rounds are pretty nasty on this thing against scouts and most tier 3 tanks, even tier 4 arty and TDs too. I usually carry 10 HE because the 280 damage is more than enough to one shot tier 3 and 4 scouts, and the 50ish average pen is more than adequate to get through tier 3 and 4 light armor.

  9. B Wong

    Ah hello fellow Canadian

  10. Skrub

    Funny thing is. This was a Infantry vehicle that gave the Infantry better firepower xD

  11. K sand

    awesome vids Capt Canada loved them all and are a great help !! (sub)

  12. Ahmed Zalam

    Derp Gun confirmed

  13. Brek Wondra

    I like this  tank over the Hetz

  14. Juststay still

    The 57mm gun is the best on this tank. With continuos fire and high pen, you will always be on the artillery offensive

  15. Haglar

    Hey cap how come ur reticle changed after the first game?

  16. Dave Pawlikowski

    CC – thx for this review. I have no Soviet TD's and was wondering how this machine was. Nice to see that this 4 man crew can be used with the 85i and the 122-44. I love swapping crews. Good, fast way to grind crew XP. 85I and this in my garage today. thanks!

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