1. Fireholder1

    +Claus Kellerman

    The T110E3 is butthurt because you featured him in your 'Clusterfuck of Assholes' video, in which he and his toonmate killed someone in the valley on Lakeville for no reason whatsoever, then turned blue killing another teammate (_BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP got banned).


  2. jason fidler

    that braaap guy is a plain and simple asshole, he did that shit to me too.

  3. sonny ngo

    i saw what i saw Claus lol …
    plz put on a man pant ..

  4. Tenn Mack

    So you have seen that BRAAAAAA dude before, you show chased him in a stupid video.  He does this all the time in battles.

  5. chi uhauha

    Do you give them a pillow to bite Claus? before you shot them up the ass? Oh and there is a at least one asshole in game… He made the video.

  6. Dumb Comment

    I got teamkilled for no reason then I took a quick look at his tank, there was a Chinese flag…on both sides

  7. Zack Ross

    Thanks for the laughs. Gotta hate Team Killers.

  8. Gudlaugur Robertsson

    I turned off the in game chat in world of tanks years ago, never been happier

  9. Mark Bonham

    Clause, how did you resist firing back at the assholes. I have killed maybe 6 assholes in this game and have never got in trouble because I chat what happened and why I had to do what I did. As a former pro heavy weight fighter and bouncer my decision comes easily.

  10. Balkanska Duša

    You have no idea….this is standard battle for me

  11. Mihail Angelo Stet

    On Asia Server you are very usual TK-ed, if you own one Gold Type 59.So somehow those assholes shooting your T55A show to all of us wich is the Gold tank in other servers:NA,Europe,etc:)

  12. shiftyjim

    listen… u did not shoot the type 4 in the ass…. well maybe he was a butthead 🙂

  13. ElMariachi

    10:20 https://imgflip.com/i/1ktaam

    Some people like your Videos Claus! I think it would be even more, if you had a decent microphone 🙂

  14. Paul Smith

    Good video as always 🙂 I saw a video were art killed four of his own team, might of killed more if a team member did not kill him.

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