WOT – The Ball Licker Theory | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks. The Ball Licker Theory & SU-100 Gameplay.

Music; „Snack Time“ by The Green Orbs.


  1. Steve Valkry

    Claus you need to make a vid to teach these stupids not to get directly behind a teammate to block him from backing up after taking a shot.

  2. reptilespantoso

    neh… we're just stupid monkeys. all the crap we invented doesn't make us happier. 🙂

  3. bisquitnspanky

    Jealous much? That's a lot of talking about self ball-licking.

  4. JB MAX

    LMAO "In The BAG!

  5. Jr Boi

    Very wise things Claus is saying

  6. Isaac Hunt

    They only think dolphins are smart because they look smart when swimming with retarded kids!

  7. sam animates

    5:50 so they can pick their balls?

  8. sam animates

    Mmm balls

  9. Tronald Dump

    I can lick my own balls tho


    Funny shit lmao

  11. David Charlson

    Humans are stupid, most think we live on a ball whizzin thru space. Earth is flat folks!

  12. Narguhl

    Instant sub.

  13. Hedgehog Elite

    humans ARE capable of licking our fucking balls! some people can suck their fucking cocks, you know?