1. Class_Crafter

    you mean 5 years not 3 years

  2. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Wargaming fuck up pretty much every time they put a premium tank on sale

  3. ziga onic

    type59 is better then t-34-3.Better mobilety, pen and dpm.

  4. jános Hegedus

    the defender won t be sold again that means the defender can be a special tank or?

  5. Der Hackfleisch hassende Zerhacker

    Where's the difference between the king dragon and the type 59?

  6. Ossi Peltola

    I used 5€ and got type 59

  7. Prim Turnip22144

    Copyright reported

  8. stev boos

    Type 59 is a piece of shit
    Guys open your eyes

  9. Jeff Kaplan

    People who had the type 59 before this will be forever pissed, thus I will be one of them

  10. Ste fan

    i threw my wallet at WG and received the Type 59 😀

  11. Teague van Koppen

    What is wrong with u and QB?

  12. Marco Martins

    type 59 DOESN'T GET TIER 10 MM….. facepalm

  13. phillip turcotte

    just got one in a box lol