Wot’s Spot – How to fix Politics

A new thing! Mr Wot Fanar talks about the broken state of politics!

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  1. Royal Sloth

    What happened to wot?

  2. Mei Taichi

    Game: World of Tanks. Good job youtube.

  3. Franco VF

    anarcho capitalism

  4. Team canada

    Hurrah for David Cameron

  5. Ryan Fanstone

    I've got a way. kill David Cameron

  6. bluestar1242

    Im so glad he brought up the numbering thing. England actually had a referemdum to go to that system and the 2 main parties made ads that said a whole bunch of bad things would happen to scare people into basically keeping them in power. Because f you look at how many vote they get and how many seats they get they usually get 20% of votes but get 51% of votes. But the USA isnt really any better a president can win with 20% while the other person can get the other 80% depending on which state vote for them.

  7. GrizzlyPanda

    I just love wots voice

  8. Kare2muchJR

    The audio quality is delicious.

  9. Alex Neumeister

    I'm in America and 1st US President George Washingtons Farewell Address said," Don't create political parties." Which we did and "Don't make alliances." Which we also did. My solution listen to the founding fathers

  10. Vega_Omega

    I couldn't agree further. Also, the capitalist way of thinking is bad too. Not that soviet communists are right, but probably Chinese communists.

  11. Luek

    U Wot m8

  12. Robert Cooldude

    that voting system already exzists but it is never used

  13. Divaad95

    that'd be messy as balls but it could work, it wouldn't, the nation would shit itself during the transition period and businesses would go making threats and those with power who would actually have to vote for this system to be used wouldn't because there's a damned good chance they'd loose the vast majority of their influence.

    The way I see it there is only two ways a society could work perfectly it is where this system is in place with a few tweeks (which could only be made after experiencing the flaws that lie within it)  or if the most intelligent person there is was found, plugged into a bunch of machines that let him understand and process every ounce of information in the world and that person was given complete control of everything. everywhere. People are stupid and gullible and everyone gets together and there is enough good that things eventually get swayed in the right direction or chaos and mess and stupidity.

  14. Adam Lloyd

    Not bad in theory, and well explained, but to be honest not entirely pragmatic, and would be nigh on impossible to implement.

    I'd personally be in favour of voting reform using Single Transferable Vote, which gives the proportionality you crave whilst being realistic and maintaining local accountability. Removing whipping would be nice, too, but baby steps…

  15. Ratinhatjr

    You wot m8

  16. Nesh.

    But does he have twitter….

  17. BlueCrewSlackers

    I probably sound really stupid but how do Dan and wot know each other

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