1. ShannonTheDragon

    I'm using this for my music homework – I study music at school and for my homework I have to describe what's happening in a piece of video game music.

  2. Alphabetti Spaghetti

    please make an extended version

  3. Finley Francois

    I play it on Xbox one

  4. Antoine Leon

    nice video

  5. Pure Gaming Heart!

    thx for the upload!

  6. Faszysta

    Company of Heroes 2 have much better songs

  7. daniel halachev

    200th like from me!

  8. Alexander Snowden

    the first few seconds sum up the game; a deadly silence followed by a fight for survival

  9. Nicholeli

    that t95 though…

  10. Leonardo Carvalho


  11. enzo carvalho soares

    luana garcia estou nos tanque te nivel x ta bem

  12. Ishak King

    Yahoo Pi song PRO GAME

  13. Raul Ivan

    this music makes me don't wanna login

  14. Sergeij Rachmaninov

    "directed by michael bay"

  15. The Walking Dead

    orgasm for ears XD

  16. Stati Hristov

    I like WoT.

  17. InSpoyNerDark


  18. Danilka Burykin

    hahhaah right.

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