XVM for World of Tanks Explained

This video is here to explain most of the features that XVM gives you once it is installed on your computer.

If you do not have XVM installed on your computer, you can use my tutorial video here:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or message me directly.

I apologize for the pixelation that occurs for a few seconds at 11:45. It does return to normal a few seconds later. You don’t miss anything important, I promise.


  1. Decebal Popescu

    your throat…

  2. Russian Beaver

    wich is the standard MHGHGHGHUUCHWNUIGI

  3. 2much Time

    Why does it take 22 minutes to explain this?

  4. Nekrosis


  5. msrma7670

    for me all artillery is purple

  6. Brazen

    You sound like you have a lot of snot and sometimes you sound like you're gasping for air.

  7. guavaburst

    being blue means I'm almost badass, ok back to the grind….

  8. Charlie Johnson

    TWR: Team Win Rate I believe.

  9. Jin Emon

    22min video that could've been done in 3min… get to the point

  10. xXr0tt3nsAwsageXx

    thank you

  11. Momcilo Maravic

    What is that background

  12. SlyMeerkat

    What are those little icon pictures over the tank icon?

  13. Eugene Tan

    Twr if i am not wrong is today win rate…

  14. DriitzzCabal

    XVM doesn't make you a better player , it makes you a grade S stalker.
    The last scene position with tank type on the map , isn't that a bit cheating tho ? regular WoT without XVM doesn't shows that , only way you can know which tank it was there was by the icon or if someone requested fire on it, in the myst of all it's easy to forget.

    the only real useful info i would say to me as a scout would be the view range on minimap , which i don't know if it takes into account the skills / perks you using that increase view range or not.

  15. WhatYouLookinAt ScienceBitch?

    i have 46% win rate. am i red? im gonna kill my little brother.

  16. EppsCraft Louis

    TWR=Total Win Rate (I think )

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