1. Lord Buckethead

    Isn't that incredibly rude to laugh at his hair?

  2. Elias Goodwin

    i remember this

  3. faffins

    I like how Lewis said he has never heard of this game even though they already did a yogtrailers on it lol

  4. 扼流美国

    It came out before skyrim, so shut up.

  5. William Wallace

    These are brilliant! Absolutely hilarious 😀

  6. Levi

    i miss yogtrailers :<

  7. Head

    press 7

  8. sleep


  9. sleep

    Cuz he looks stupid with it

  10. cookiemonster01234

    Were they laughing at the guy's hair?

  11. Green Oid

    Looks exactly like Skyrim -_-

  12. s596shade

    Well you seem to be taking that well.

  13. Telos

    Whenever I just want to laugh, I watch this video.

  14. MelonHeadSeb


  15. Lacholenco

    Not an expansion!

  16. Setting Sun

    "I need my ham sandwich cut!" "COOM 'ERE!"

  17. Bob Marley

    I would almost feel sorry for that guy if he saw this video…almost.

  18. your name

    0:17 my new ringtone 😀

  19. StudioISNER

    *Guy with mohawk pops up* *Simon dies of laughter*

  20. TheStudGames

    i thought this was a random guys video but is the two gods themselves

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