1. edz ayzaq

    this vid is 4 year old… aww

  2. OblivionAnimations

    i got a naruto pop up advert on the video 

  3. Poop .Stink

    A TROIS DU hahaha

  4. Head

    i love how they just dis all of these trailers

  5. Broken Blocks

    Do they have a 3ds?

  6. mcbomberfly

    dun dun dun!

  7. James Grime

    "Yeah, i'm a big fan of Naruto" Then maybe you should learn how to pronounce it… -.-'

  8. TheDerfMaster

    yes they have another channel (this) called Yogscast2

  9. intermsofreality

    le uguu

  10. 2ndperky

    At the end, Twaduh sounds like how people with out tongues say water. lol

  11. Zoyt

    I <3 the Naruto manga!

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