1. Erwin Broekhoven

    really a cafe sport and than a gaame for people that are too lasy to even go out there home

  2. Munger

    How is it, that every PS Vita game seems to be shit?

  3. Dangodda

    Vita should do much more than make lewis say 180

  4. Shilag

    .. What?

  5. Bottleoenergy

    I don't have a local pub!

  6. LaurenAnyone

    Ooonnneeeehuunnnderrreeedannnddeeeiiigghtyyyyy!! lol Lewis

  7. thabest007

    With all the potential of the PS Vita I don't see why they're making such simple crappy games for it that you would normally play on your mobile phone or something. They could be making huge awesome RPG's and better action games and stuff. I'd love to see Fallout come to a good handheld like the Vita. Fortunately there's at least gonna be Silent Hill: Downpour and probably a CoD as well

  8. thabest007

    WTF I'm dutch and I got a german ad before the vid :S

  9. Jed0fSpades

    *looks down* Season 1 (180) GASP

  10. Connor Mccrum

    @Choomanama Is that supposed to be negative?

  11. Cernan B

    The yogscast consists of two things. Simon making jokes and lewsi laughing at it.

  12. Henry Dillmond

    @pacaop good job he did a 180 then

  13. Liltricksterkid

    i dont want it