1. xprinceofspainx

    They can do what they want, they didn't ask for little kids on their channel! They started doing WoW videos and cussing and stuff, they're not going to change just because some kids want them too..

  2. Violet Masuto

    The candy equalivent of Pikmin… Only it sucks compared to Pikmin

  3. gemma durose

    and little big planet but shit rat sewer shit fuck arse awful

  4. cjmolzahn

    This is creepier than amnesia

  5. styxstormx

    i luv sour patch kids…

  6. newland pencilnut

    evil carrot mm probably better than the villain from mw3

  7. thebeautyofourevil

    jelly babies? awweh

  8. Bobo411

    This looks delicious

  9. Robert Hoxworth

    how dare you dog on sour patch kids 😛

  10. Jake Rogers

    "Why are all the little kids following him?"
    "He's got an army of them"

  11. Tony James Gilpin

    I want to see oreo cookies beat up an evil corncob called Cornelius Cornophicus!

  12. B. Kamakaze

    Yoshi's Island + LittleBigPlanet + A pile of dog crap = This.

  13. stygn

    If you want healthy food as bad guys, and candy as points.. Play Commander Keen: Keen Dreams : ) Epic platform game from 1991 : ) (There are other Keen games too, but I really think Keen Dreams is the best one)..

  14. rabblerouser


  15. TheWoodpeckersCo

    Hi guys could you check out our channel, it would mean a lot to us. Thank You.

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