[YTP] We all know who won WW2

[YTP] We all know who won WW2

Well we do! No matter how many Electric fish and chips Hitler cooked during the Christmas YTP, Edward Churchill is ready and waiting!
Oh yeah, and there’s more to this YTP than hitler… for once…
Ring Of Fire- Johnny Cash
King Of Rock and Roll- Daniel Lioneye (Reversed)

The footage and Aduio dispalyed are properties of their respective owners and is only displayed by myself under the Australian Copyright act of 1968- G033- Parody and Satire as these are my parodys of the shown media.


  1. Ninja Briefs the Saiyan

    We already know who won World War Two. Comrade James!

  2. Sebastian Frost

    All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ, CJ,CJ. All we had to do CJ,CJ,CJ. Fire and smoke said Thomas. I'm sunk. And he was. hmmm let me see. I wonder if Gordon Could Pull you out. Down the mine is he hahaha laughted Gordon. What a joke. But he couldn't stop himself and slithered into a ditch. whooosh he hissed. GET ME OUT, GET ME OUUUT! Oh. The fireman sang Johny Cash. Love is a burning flame.Where is that moosic coming from. There was a long silence. No one knows. Edward Whistles. Stop Stop! I've got Thomas's passengers, wailed Bertie roaring up to the gates. It was no good Edward was gone. Bother said Bertie. All we had to do, was follow the damn train. Toby made the silly trucks behave even better than Thomas did. The police Engines going on public road must have the wheels covered and a Cowcatcher in front. To protect people and animals from being dragged under the wheels if they stray onto the line. You haven't so.. OI! Thomas crashes Toby Laughs HAHAHA OLD IRON ONE day James had to wait at the station till Edward and his train came in. Oh dear what can the matter be sang the fireman. Edward so longer. What? Get's shot. The fat controller ran over the black gangsters. I'm black. ggggg Scraaaaaaaaaaaaa todaaaaa eeeeehhh thhhhomas! What? Scraaaaa. Black I'm. I'm HITLER iewodelisbieth. They're going to brake me up next week. HAHAHA said Edward Churchill. We shall fight down the beaches. Gay said HITLER. Well anyway I won World World Two. Burn said Churchill.

  3. Sebastian Frost

    GAY said HITLER

  4. Sebastian Frost

    I'm HITLER

  5. Sebastian Frost

    Why is gordon happy when he falls in to dirty ditch?

  6. DiabaseDog XXI

    "I'm black!"

  7. Matthew Moran

    "All we had to do, was follow the damn train CJ!"

  8. General Skalinera

    dat scene w/ edwerd departing to the sound of "ring of fire" by johnny cash was just perfect

  9. DarkFantasy 510

    this scare me

  10. SuperMarioMatthew

    the fat controlers face looks creepy at 0:20

  11. Ben O

    Oh I get it the narrorator said "and with that the allies went home" or something like that.

  12. Colby James

    at 2:07 why does Edward laugh when Hitler is to be scrapped?

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