1. Jesse

    You just need to use the battle.swf from the current XVM

  2. Craig Woodward

    The battle.swf in this mod is really old and interferes with other mods, any chance of an update?

  3. Jesse

    Yup, you just need to change the folder name from 0.8.3 to 0.8.6, instructions are all the same otherwise.

  4. TulQ

    does this still work ?

  5. george best

    lol phenomenal video, i love it

  6. Jesse

    Yup, just use the URL in the description, there's a download link in that forum post.

  7. molanlabexm15

    @XOIIOXOIIO tell me this is real. please tell me this is real and tell the truth.

  8. Feltope

    hahahaha that is great.

  9. International Incident Dave

    Best. Mod. EVAR!

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